Annual Fund: Tufts

As an editor and writer at Tufts I did a good bit of work for the Annual Fund. The Winter 2012 edition of Blueprint, for example, spotlighted some of the remarkable people whose work and lives at Tufts benefit from annual giving.

What does your gift to the Annual Fund buy? An article (here and here) and ads (here and here) in Tufts Magazine provide the answer.

Another article in Tufts Mag asks: What kind of person gives to the Tufts Fund?

Appeal letters: drafts on behalf of the Tufts Rowing and Men’s Ice Hockey

The Fund for Tufts Medicine: two more appeal letters.

An ad: Annual Gifts. Daily Impact.

UPDATE, 2/5/13: Not an annual fund piece, but one that likewise promoted philanthropic support, in this case, for scholarships at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy.

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